I am delighted to present the first strategic plan of Somaliland Central Bank for the period 2018-2021. The Bank will be guided in everything we do by our vision and mission statement, and our commitment to an outstanding execution and openness. The strategic plan will be central to the conduct of our regular business and the execution of our responsibilities. Our Strategic plan outlines the objectives and action plans to transform the Central Bank of Somaliland over the next five years.

We are committed to the creation of price and financial stability of the Republic of Somaliland. Our well thought mission of promoting and maintaining price and financial Stability, efficient and financial sector and sustainable economic growth, has been generated through strategic thinking, which will get us to our long term vision of “to be one of the leading Central Banks in East Africa”. A clear vision and mission statement accompanied with in achievable set of strategic objectives is crucial for a successful financial sector. As we believe that our strategic objectives can only be achieved by personal growth of all our employees, we are committed to nourish a professional and personal growth of all our employees and their constant training and development. Throughout all our operations and activities, we will constantly remain dedicated to our core values based on commitment and integrity, respect, teamwork, transparency and accountability.

We are fully aware of the substantial responsibilities bestowed upon us in securing price and financial stability and sustainable growth of the economy of Somaliland. In the light of these formidable responsibilities, we will strive to enhance public’s trust and credibility with an objective to transform Bank of Somaliland to a viable modern Central Bank.

Mr. Ali Ibrahim Jama (Baqdaadi)

Governor, Central Bank of Somaliland